Kriv Vargrull

Dragonborn Bravura Warlord


Race: Dragonborn
Class: Warlord
Commanding Presence: Bravura Presence
(Planned Build Progression):
Leader Feature: Battlefront Leader (MP 2)
Paragon Path: Battlelord of Kord (MP)
Epic Destiny: Demigod (PHB)

Ability Scores, with racial adjustments:
Strength 18 +2 (Race) = 20 (+5)
Constitution 14 (+2)
Dexterity 13 (+1)
Intelligence 14 (+2)
Wisdom 11 (+0)
Charisma 16 + 2 (Race) = 18 (+4)

HP: 32—> 12 base, +14 Constitution, +6 Background
Bloodied: 16 HP or less
Healing Surges: 9—> 7 base, +2 Constitution
Healing Surge Value: 8 HP

AC: 19—> 10 base, +1 ability (Dexterity), +6 armor, +2 shield
Fortitude: 16—> 10 base, +5 ability (Strength), +1 class
Reflex: 14—> 10 base, +2 ability (Intelligence), +2 shield
Will: 15—> 10 base, +4 ability (Charisma), +1 class

Initiative: +3—> +1 ability (Dexterity), +2 power (Combat Leader)
Speed: 5—> 6 base, -1 armor

Inspiring Word:
Usage: Twice per encounter
Range: Close burst 5
Targets: You or one ally in burst
Effect: The target may spend a healing surge and regain 1d6 additional HP.

Racial Powers: Dragon Breath (Acid)
Encounter ♦ Acid
Minor Action Close blast 3
Target: All creatures in area.
Attack: Strength +2 vs. Reflex.
Hit: 1d6 + Constitution modifier damage. Increases to +4 bonus and 2d6 + Constitution modifier damage at 11th
level, and to +6 bonus and 3d6 + Constitution modifier damage at 21 st level.

At-Will Attack Powers:
L1 – Brash Assault (MP)
L1 – Intuitive Strike (MP 2)

Encounter Attack Powers:
L1 – Vengeance is Mine (MP 2)
(Planned Build Power Progression):
L3 – No Gambit is Wasted (MP 2)
L7 – Provoke Overextension (MP)
L11 – Tempest of Triumph (MP)

L13 – Death from Two Sides (MP 2) (replaces Vengeance is Mine)
L17 – Hail of Steel (PHB) (replaces Provoke Overextension)
L23 – Hold that Thought (MP 2) (replaces No Gambit is Wasted)
L27 – A Plan Comes Together (D 384) (replaces Death from Two Sides)

Daily Attack Powers:
L1 – Lamb to the Slaughter (D 381)
(Planned Build Power Progression):
L5 – Stand the Fallen (PHB)
L9 – Iron Dragon Charge (PHB)
L15 – War Master’s Assault (MP) (replaces Lamb to the Slaughter)
L19 – Victory Surge (PHB) (replaces Iron Dragon Charge)

L20 – Path of the Storm (MP)

L25 – Relentless Assault (PHB) (replaces War Master’s Assault)
L29 – Defy Death (PHB) (replaces Stand the Fallen)

Utility Powers:(Planned Build Power Progression)
L2 – Shake it off(PHB)
L6 – Inspiring Reaction (PHB)
L10 – Instant Planning (MP)
L12 – Blood-Tested Inspiration (MP)
L16 – Tactical Orders (MP 2)
L22 – Rush of Battle (MP)
L26 – Divine Regeneration (PHB)

Background benefit:
Born under a bad sign/auspicious birth—> +6HP at 1 Level

Skills (trained):
Athletics (+7)—> +5 ability (Strength), +5 trained, -1 armor, -2 Shield
Diplomacy (+9)—> +4 ability (Charisma), +5 trained
History (+9)—> +2 ability (Intelligence), +2 racial, +5 trained
Intimidate (+11)—> +4 ability (Charisma), +2 racial, +5 trained

Skills (Untrained):
Acrobatics (2) -> +1 ability (Dexterity), -1 armor, -2 shield
Arcana (2)—> +2 ability (Intelligence)
Bluff (4)—> +4 ability (Charisma)
Dungeoneering (0)
Endurance (+1)—> +2 ability (constitution), +2 background, -1 armor, -2 Shield
Heal (0)
Insight (0)
Nature (0)
Perception (0)
Religion (2)—> +2 abilility (Intelligence)
Stealth (2) -> +1 ability (Dexterity), -1 armor, -2 shield
Streetwise (4)—> +4 ability (Charisma)
Thievery (2) -> +1 ability (Dexterity), -1 armor, -2 sheild

L1 – Saving Inspiration (MP)
(Planned Build Progression):
L2- Weapon Expertise (Heavy Blades) (PHB 2)
L4- Armored Warlord (MP 2)
L6- Hurl Breath(PHR-DR)
L8- Inspiring Breath (MP 2)
L10- Improved Inspiring Word (MP)
L11- Improved Battlefront Shift (MP 2) (retrains to Shift the Field (MP 2) at L21)
L12- Fight On (MP 2)
L14- Vexing Flanker (PHB 2)
L16- Harlequin Style (D 373)
L18- Impetuous Charger (MP)
L20- Weapon Focus (Heavy Blades) (PHB)
L21- Supreme Inspiration (MP)
L22- Martial Mastery (MP)
L24- Call to Glory (MP)
L26- Robust Defenses (PHB 2)
L28- Epic Reflexes (PHB)
L30- Aggressive Leadership (MP)

Carry Over Item:
Brother Dorn’s Blessing of Iron: If an enemy pushes you, you can reduce the distance you are pushed by 2. If an enemy pulls you and that pull leaves you adjacent to that enemy, you can make a melee basic attack against that enemy as an opportunity action.
Power (Daily): Immediate Interupt.
Trigger: You take damage.
Effect: Reduce damage taken by (2-5?).

Gear (Expected GP = 100):
Longsword (15 gp)
Heavy shield (10 gp)
Javelin (2) (5 gp each, 10 gp total)
Chainmail armor (40 gp)
Standard adventurer’s kit (PHB) (15 gp)
10 gp


Dragonborn are proud, brave warriors. Everyone knows this. And Kriv is no exception. He is fearless, he is bold, and he champions noble causes. Kriv was hatched into the Vargrull clan, and was raised into his early childhood by his father the clan Champion, a renowned fighter by the name Kruskel Vargrull. His father had commenced Kriv’s training to follow in his footsteps, but in the season of his fifth summer Kriv’s clan was wiped out in an attack by a marauding army of Gnolls. Kriv saw his father, whom he thought invincible, fall to the Gnolls flails.

After the Gnollish army had moved on Kriv emerged from the spot he had hidden in, and witnessed the horror of his clan’s slaughter, and retrieved his wooden practice sword and a fragment of his hatchling egg from among the mutilated corpses of his kin. Kriv then set out into the world with his wooden practice sword, a piece of his hatchling egg and his ever burning hatred for Gnolls, as his only worldly possessions. He wandered from one community to another, until he ended up on the streets of the city of Steelhaven, with a group of human orphans.

Due to the shame he felt about his past he vowed to never shy away from his duty again, and spent his youth protecting the younger orphans from bullies, street toughs and those that would try to prey on the innocent. His natural charisma and strength soon led him to become the defacto leader of the growing band of orphans, who he had organized into small groups, some children gathering scraps, some working odd jobs, and others as gofers, but all working together for their mutual benefit, with Kriv looking out for them. But eventually they came to the attention of a local thief’s guild, who sought to recruit them into their fold and use them for their own nefarious ends. To do this the guild sent a goon out to intimidate the children and force them to join the guild.

One particular afternoon a senior Officer, an old warlord conducting an overview patrol with the city watch came across Kriv and his band of orphans fighting off a goon from the local thief’s guild, who was trying to forcibly recruit the orphans into his gang. Kriv was attacking the goon head on with his old wooden practice sword, keeping him distracted, while simultaneously directing the other children to stay out of harm’s way while ambushing and pelting the goon with whatever was at hand from a distance. Though severely wounded Kriv, with the help of the other children were able to give as good as they were getting, until the watch patrol stepped in and apprehended the goon.

The Old Warlord saw a spark of a charismatic leader, with some wit and great strength, in Kriv and took him immediately under his wing and sponsored him for entry into the local military officer’s academy, known as Authority College. It is now 11 years later, and Kriv is determined to redeem and prove himself. Now as a recent graduate of the academy, but without an official posting in the watch or army, as he is not of noble birth but just the protege of an officer, so no official posting with rank is available to him. So with advise from Sir Forstall, and a possible contact that could lead to an official posting with rank, Kriv has set out into the world, free to wander and try to find ways to use his skills He has learned to do good in this world and protect others, until he can find himself a suitable posting, not dependant on his birth or political favoritism..

Kriv Vargrull

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