Shardmind Warrior Forge Artificer

2nd Level Warrior Forge Artificer
STR 13, CON 14, DEX 14, INT 20, WIS 18, CHA 11

AC 18, FORT 14, REF 16, WILL 16, HP 31

Ishmea’s Background

Twenty years ago, Ishmea was formed from scattered crystal shard fragments of the original Living Gate. Since that day, he has born the onus to rebuild the Living Gate, sealing away the abominations of the Far Realms. When he was fifteen years old, Ragoque Hulart, a Gnome Artificer, started training Ishmea as a Warrior Forge Artificer.

For the past month, Ishmea has been travelling from Ravenscar to Assembly (via Overlook). If you meet Ishmea along the way or in Overlook, he will ask, “Have you seen another ”/campaigns/throne/characters/96976" class=“wiki-content-link”>Shardmind?", before he asks your name or tells you his name.


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