The Vacant Throne

Behind the Eyes of a Madman, Part 2

2nd day of Julla, 133rd Year of Assembly
(1067th Year of Nerath)
15th Hour

* * * * *

DM Notes: Session 5 – October 25, 2010

With no clear path, you took your chances and started wandering the sewers looking for Osomi Godhrkyn, heading generally west towards the bay. Ishmea devised a system of marking the walls with Primordial symbols. Eventually, you discovered someone (wererats) carving duplicate symbols in your path. Carefully listening managed to pinpoint them and a fight ensued. The last wererat surrendered, begging for his life in exchange for telling you where to find TREASURE (250 XP each).

The wererat led you to an intricately carved and sculpted area of the sewers, covered in Davek (Dwarven) runes. There is no real sense or pattern to the writing and carvings, but there is a hallway lined with stone statues, all historical figures of ancient Jarn. Unfortunately, three of the statues animated and tried to kill you before entering the plain stone doors (210 XP each).

Through the doors was the lair of Osomi Godhrkyn. One side of the large room was dominated with a forge, discarded armor and arms strewn all over. In the centre were various items of gold and silver, ornamental drinking cups and plates, even a ceremonial shield lying atop a small pile of coins, minted in ancient Ironatoll.

Story Quest: Treasures of the Jarnfolk

2,380 XP total.



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