The Vacant Throne

Behind the Eyes of a Madman, Part 1

2nd day of Julla, 133rd Year of Assembly
(1067th Year of Nerath)
13th Hour

* * * * *

DM Notes: Session 4 – September 13, 2010

You started in the Market Plaza, looking for deals or items to pick up. A dirty and disheveled dwarf came up to you speaking about his primordial masters. After approaching though, he spoke under his breath about “the pathfinder” and called you the “chosen”. He was promptly shot with an arrow and the whole Plaza broke out in a riot.

The ensuing fight, led by a soldier of Bane, ended (175 XP each) with the enemies revealing their target was Osomi Godhrkryn. With little delay, you chased Osomi through the streets of Assembly, following his blood trail and signs of his passage. Finally, he doubled back towards the Plaza and jumped into the sewers (250 XP each).

The nearly overpowering stench of the tunnels was disorientating enough, but the lack of a visible trail in the muck led you right into the waiting slime of a gelatinous cube (with special pseudopod) and an ochre jelly. Regretful for the lack of acid protection, but finally triumphant, you watched the oozes melt away into the sludge beneath your feet (180 XP each).

1,920 XP total.



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