The Vacant Throne

Behind the Eyes of a Madman

2nd day of Julla, 133rd Year of Assembly
(1067th Year of Nerath)
High Noon (12th Hour)

Even the scorching high noon sun has not deterred shoppers today. The open-air Market Plaza of Assembly is no small thing to scoff at. Yells and calls from halfway across this large area ring out as merchants and traders go to work. Food vendors are quick to shove skewers of meat—is that a rat on a stick?—and magically chilled fruit at all passerby. A group of heavily robed acolytes of the Triumvirate, backed by equally heavily armored dragonborn templars of Bahamut, intone prayers loudly to the masses, bestowing blessings. Not far from them, a lone, disheveled dwarf, clothed more in rags than clothing, extols at the top of his lungs about the mighty power of the primordials and their elemental servants, calling for all to worship or fear in the end of the world.

You breath in the market air—probably regretting that action right away—and push your way into the crowded plaza…

* * * * *

DM Notes:

It is 2 days after your meeting with Jarem Jhollar.



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