The Vacant Throne

Auspicious Beginnings, Part 3

30th day of Jinar, 133rd Year of Assembly
(1067th Year of Nerath)
16th Hour

You exit the Jhollar Estate with heads held high. You have gained the thanks and patronage of a Councillor of Assembly, a well-liked and honest man, if one can be found if this world. As you set off down the road towards the Rooster’s Nest Inn, an overwhelming sense of unease settles over you. Someone is watching you.

Another shardmind, barely visible ahead in an alleyway. He—it?—is the spitting image of Ishmea. For a moment, you can feel the malevolence of his gaze, even from this distance, but a moment later, he is gone.

There is no fight to be had… at the moment.

* * * * *

DM Notes: Session 3, August 9, 2010

You left the crypt, just in time to meet Tar Wung Irgst Graul. He was sent by Lieutenant Daxis when you did not return promptly after setting off for Strongbad Ruins. Tar joined the party after producing a writ issued from the Assembly city guard.

Going through the master bedroom, you arrived in the barracks through a secret passageway. You were immediately beset upon by some very hungry and aggressive rats. You discovered a hidden treasure in a pile of rusted and discarded equipment, Whurak. Also scattered around the room was 10 gp in various coinage. (100 XP each.)

The kitchen was barricaded from inside, but Jak managed to force open the door. However, two gnoll hunters immediately shot him as the doors pushed open. A gnoll enforcer and mercenary were waiting inside as well. A gnoll shadowblade tried to surprise the party from behind as well. A secret pantry revealed a potion of healing, wrapped in a life shroud, and an additional 10 gp. (170 XP each.)

Going into the dungeon, you found two prisoners, survivors from a previous attack. Merith and Jerith, a married farmer couple were grateful for the rescue. One additional prisoner did not survive incarceration.

When you return to Assembly, Daxis brings you immediately to see Jarem Jhollar, who pays you the promised 100 gp. He looks over the pages of notes you recovered from the complex. (Minor quests complete, 200 XP each.)

Jarem also asks you to become his agents, which you agree to. He is concerned about the rumors and the unrest of late and wants to have some capable adventurers on-hand should the situation arise. He pays you a 100 gp retainer for your services.

After leaving his estate, Ishmea sees an unlikely face—his own—on a very unfriendly looking shardmind who vanishes shortly afterwards.

Adventure completed. 1,315 XP total.


“How is this possible? The very first of my kind that I meet is an identical mirror image of myself, steeped in evil and darkness”, ponders Ishmea, forgetting that his thoughts are relayed telepathically to his companions. Upon realization, he asks them, “Comrades, what insight can you draw from your own races, to help me understand this perverse discovery?”

Auspicious Beginnings, Part 3

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