The Vacant Throne

Auspicious Beginnings, Part 2

29th day of Jinar, 133rd Year of Assembly
(1067th Year of Nerath)
20th Hour
Strongbad Ruins, Outside Assembly

Six hours of solid rest has done wonders, most of your aches are gone, though the harrowing memory of close death experiences remain. Bright day has mostly likely passed to dimming evening outside, but safe within the crypt, it almost seems as if time stands still. You hear no sounds through the thick walls and you wonder if any of the remaining denizens of the complex have found the results of your handiwork.

Weapons in hand, you unlock the crypt doors and peer through them back into the hallway…

* * * * *

DM Notes: Session 2 – July 12, 2010

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In the remains of the library, a potion case (100 gp) containing a potion of healing and a potion of resistance (fire) (level 4) was hidden amid a pile of shelves, debris, and loose papers.

After entering the summoning room, the noise from the caged elementals brought a gnoll savage priest (Level 4 Controller) out, and with a pull of a lever, trapped you in the room with a magma claw and 3 magma runners (Level 2 Skirmisher). (150 XP each.)

The bedroom of the gnoll priest contained a potion of resistance (fire) (level 4), talon amulet +1, runic hand crossbow +1. 2 alchemist’s frost (level 1) and 50 gp worth of residuum were found in the laboratory opposite the bedroom.

Through a secret passage connecting the bedroom to the master bedroom of the complex, you barged your way into a room and surprised a human blood rager and his two concubines, a human devestator (Level 3 Elite Controller [Leader]) and human crazed berserker (Level 2 Brute), in bed together. They managed to grab their weapons (but not clothes) to engage you in combat. (195 XP each.)

You found dwarven thrower craghammer +1 (Whurthal) wielded by the human blood rager, potion of healing, 40 gp. There are also several pages of notes detailing caravans attacked, manifests and captured prisoners, and additional ambush plans for the road running from Assembly to Lonecross, all written in a neat and precise Common. There is also another note, written in Primordial:

“Continue with your attacks, but keep the complex protected and hidden. Use only the gnolls for ambushes, they are expendable. Send the prisoners and materiel through the portal, anything else is yours to keep. Do not fail me.”

It is signed with an illegible symbol.

While you created an elaborate scene in the master bedroom and summoning room, there was a small matter of the entrance hall you neglected to take care of…

Current: 845 XP.


Vordr’s heart began to race with excitement. The hammer wielded by the human was etched with a personal rune bearing the initials A and G. It was a familiar rune … a dwarven rune … in the ancient style of the Ironfolk! Vordr was so distracted, that the human landed a critical blow.

Even as he lay dying on the ground with crushed bones, he was beaming with pride. The hammer bore the personal rune of Adhr Godrykyn, first chieftan of the sunken island of Ironatoll. Dwarven sidhr did not allow another dwarf to share the same personal rune as another dwarf in the clan, or use the personal rune of one of the great dwarves. The human was wielding Adhr’s hammer, Whurthal!

And the blow! Though it was wielded poorly by the human, a single hit from the weapon smashed through his arm and ribs and brought him to the ground! And the ring it made when it shattered his chain armor! He read tales of the power of the weapons from Ironatoll, and even though he was a proud ancestor of that sunken kingdom, he thought them mere exaggerations (as dwarves are want to do on occasion). But the staggering impact it delivered, the way it rang when it struck, the ease with which it broke his bones and shattered his armor. He instantly knew the legends to be true. That was a fine weapon. Few but the legendary dwarves of Ironatoll could forge an item of such brutal might.

“There was fire in the furnace when that hammer was made!” were Vordr’s last thoughts as darkness overcame him.

Auspicious Beginnings, Part 2

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