The Vacant Throne

Auspicious Beginnings, Part 1

29th day of Jinar, 133rd Year of Assembly
(1067th Year of Nerath)
11th Hour
Strongbad Ruins, Outside Assembly

The bright, mid-morning sun heralds the return of the heat. Last evening you tracked as far into the night your eyes could manage, but the gnoll managed to elude your pursuit. You easily pick up his trail today, leading you to a hilly area a day’s ride out from Assembly.

Without a recent and clear trail to follow, there is no way you would have come across the entrance to the forgotten ruin, hidden deep within the hills. The narrow and partially collapsed tunnel leads deeper underground. A short walk down and light emerges from an ancient complex up ahead, the double doors slightly ajar. Hyena-like voices, along with hyena-like barking, emanate from beyond…

* * * * *

DM’s Notes: Session 1, June 28, 2010.

You defeated a firebrute (Level 2 Solo Brute), which crashed the gnoll ambush. That sent a gnoll hunter running back to base of operations. The firebrute seemed half-crazed, screaming and yelling in Primordial about the “pathfinder” and “path destined” and other barely intelligible nonsense. (125 XP each.)

Daxis, a lieutenant of an Assembly patrol, asked you to follow the fleeing gnoll and find their base, retrieve any prisoners (minor quest), and find out who is organizing the gnolls in their recent raids on caravans (minor quest). He asked you to report back to him in Assembly.

The entrance hall to the complex contained 2 hyena, 4 gnoll cutters, and a gnoll hunter, the same one that ran away from you yesterday. You were able to stop the gnolls from getting off an alarm or triggering the pit trap. You found 9 SP. (100 XP each.)

In the central hallway, a illusionary tapestry stands between two statues. The tapestry displays a subtly moving image of an ocean or other body of water. You discovered the statues pivot and can settle in one of eight directions, but something is missing to activate the tapestry.

You moved to the crypt and discovered that after entering, the crypt automatically locked itself from the inside, zombies emerging from the sarcophagus. 4 pack zombies and 2 tainted zombies attacked, and a skullborn zombie and a deathlock wight (Level 4 Controller) entered from another room. Before defeating all the undead however, the wight pushed you into the pool in the room which awakened a blue slime (Level 3 Solo Brute). After combat, you found 12 GP (2 GP from each sarcophagus), 46 GP in various coin and 2 amethyst (100 GP each) at the bottom of the pool, and a ritual scroll of comprehend language in the room that contains a badly damaged teleportation circle. (275 XP each.)

Current XP: 500.



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