The Vacant Throne

Behind the Eyes of a Madman, Part 2

2nd day of Julla, 133rd Year of Assembly
(1067th Year of Nerath)
15th Hour

* * * * *

DM Notes: Session 5 – October 25, 2010

With no clear path, you took your chances and started wandering the sewers looking for Osomi Godhrkyn, heading generally west towards the bay. Ishmea devised a system of marking the walls with Primordial symbols. Eventually, you discovered someone (wererats) carving duplicate symbols in your path. Carefully listening managed to pinpoint them and a fight ensued. The last wererat surrendered, begging for his life in exchange for telling you where to find TREASURE (250 XP each).

The wererat led you to an intricately carved and sculpted area of the sewers, covered in Davek (Dwarven) runes. There is no real sense or pattern to the writing and carvings, but there is a hallway lined with stone statues, all historical figures of ancient Jarn. Unfortunately, three of the statues animated and tried to kill you before entering the plain stone doors (210 XP each).

Through the doors was the lair of Osomi Godhrkyn. One side of the large room was dominated with a forge, discarded armor and arms strewn all over. In the centre were various items of gold and silver, ornamental drinking cups and plates, even a ceremonial shield lying atop a small pile of coins, minted in ancient Ironatoll.

Story Quest: Treasures of the Jarnfolk

2,380 XP total.

Behind the Eyes of a Madman, Part 1

2nd day of Julla, 133rd Year of Assembly
(1067th Year of Nerath)
13th Hour

* * * * *

DM Notes: Session 4 – September 13, 2010

You started in the Market Plaza, looking for deals or items to pick up. A dirty and disheveled dwarf came up to you speaking about his primordial masters. After approaching though, he spoke under his breath about “the pathfinder” and called you the “chosen”. He was promptly shot with an arrow and the whole Plaza broke out in a riot.

The ensuing fight, led by a soldier of Bane, ended (175 XP each) with the enemies revealing their target was Osomi Godhrkryn. With little delay, you chased Osomi through the streets of Assembly, following his blood trail and signs of his passage. Finally, he doubled back towards the Plaza and jumped into the sewers (250 XP each).

The nearly overpowering stench of the tunnels was disorientating enough, but the lack of a visible trail in the muck led you right into the waiting slime of a gelatinous cube (with special pseudopod) and an ochre jelly. Regretful for the lack of acid protection, but finally triumphant, you watched the oozes melt away into the sludge beneath your feet (180 XP each).

1,920 XP total.

Behind the Eyes of a Madman

2nd day of Julla, 133rd Year of Assembly
(1067th Year of Nerath)
High Noon (12th Hour)

Even the scorching high noon sun has not deterred shoppers today. The open-air Market Plaza of Assembly is no small thing to scoff at. Yells and calls from halfway across this large area ring out as merchants and traders go to work. Food vendors are quick to shove skewers of meat—is that a rat on a stick?—and magically chilled fruit at all passerby. A group of heavily robed acolytes of the Triumvirate, backed by equally heavily armored dragonborn templars of Bahamut, intone prayers loudly to the masses, bestowing blessings. Not far from them, a lone, disheveled dwarf, clothed more in rags than clothing, extols at the top of his lungs about the mighty power of the primordials and their elemental servants, calling for all to worship or fear in the end of the world.

You breath in the market air—probably regretting that action right away—and push your way into the crowded plaza…

* * * * *

DM Notes:

It is 2 days after your meeting with Jarem Jhollar.

Auspicious Beginnings, Part 3

30th day of Jinar, 133rd Year of Assembly
(1067th Year of Nerath)
16th Hour

You exit the Jhollar Estate with heads held high. You have gained the thanks and patronage of a Councillor of Assembly, a well-liked and honest man, if one can be found if this world. As you set off down the road towards the Rooster’s Nest Inn, an overwhelming sense of unease settles over you. Someone is watching you.

Another shardmind, barely visible ahead in an alleyway. He—it?—is the spitting image of Ishmea. For a moment, you can feel the malevolence of his gaze, even from this distance, but a moment later, he is gone.

There is no fight to be had… at the moment.

* * * * *

DM Notes: Session 3, August 9, 2010

You left the crypt, just in time to meet Tar Wung Irgst Graul. He was sent by Lieutenant Daxis when you did not return promptly after setting off for Strongbad Ruins. Tar joined the party after producing a writ issued from the Assembly city guard.

Going through the master bedroom, you arrived in the barracks through a secret passageway. You were immediately beset upon by some very hungry and aggressive rats. You discovered a hidden treasure in a pile of rusted and discarded equipment, Whurak. Also scattered around the room was 10 gp in various coinage. (100 XP each.)

The kitchen was barricaded from inside, but Jak managed to force open the door. However, two gnoll hunters immediately shot him as the doors pushed open. A gnoll enforcer and mercenary were waiting inside as well. A gnoll shadowblade tried to surprise the party from behind as well. A secret pantry revealed a potion of healing, wrapped in a life shroud, and an additional 10 gp. (170 XP each.)

Going into the dungeon, you found two prisoners, survivors from a previous attack. Merith and Jerith, a married farmer couple were grateful for the rescue. One additional prisoner did not survive incarceration.

When you return to Assembly, Daxis brings you immediately to see Jarem Jhollar, who pays you the promised 100 gp. He looks over the pages of notes you recovered from the complex. (Minor quests complete, 200 XP each.)

Jarem also asks you to become his agents, which you agree to. He is concerned about the rumors and the unrest of late and wants to have some capable adventurers on-hand should the situation arise. He pays you a 100 gp retainer for your services.

After leaving his estate, Ishmea sees an unlikely face—his own—on a very unfriendly looking shardmind who vanishes shortly afterwards.

Adventure completed. 1,315 XP total.

Auspicious Beginnings, Part 2

29th day of Jinar, 133rd Year of Assembly
(1067th Year of Nerath)
20th Hour
Strongbad Ruins, Outside Assembly

Six hours of solid rest has done wonders, most of your aches are gone, though the harrowing memory of close death experiences remain. Bright day has mostly likely passed to dimming evening outside, but safe within the crypt, it almost seems as if time stands still. You hear no sounds through the thick walls and you wonder if any of the remaining denizens of the complex have found the results of your handiwork.

Weapons in hand, you unlock the crypt doors and peer through them back into the hallway…

* * * * *

DM Notes: Session 2 – July 12, 2010

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Additional Note (July 27, 2010): The following links were put in before the latest Compendium change. Apparently the ID numbers may have changed. If they link to the wrong place, blame Wizards.

In the remains of the library, a potion case (100 gp) containing a potion of healing and a potion of resistance (fire) (level 4) was hidden amid a pile of shelves, debris, and loose papers.

After entering the summoning room, the noise from the caged elementals brought a gnoll savage priest (Level 4 Controller) out, and with a pull of a lever, trapped you in the room with a magma claw and 3 magma runners (Level 2 Skirmisher). (150 XP each.)

The bedroom of the gnoll priest contained a potion of resistance (fire) (level 4), talon amulet +1, runic hand crossbow +1. 2 alchemist’s frost (level 1) and 50 gp worth of residuum were found in the laboratory opposite the bedroom.

Through a secret passage connecting the bedroom to the master bedroom of the complex, you barged your way into a room and surprised a human blood rager and his two concubines, a human devestator (Level 3 Elite Controller [Leader]) and human crazed berserker (Level 2 Brute), in bed together. They managed to grab their weapons (but not clothes) to engage you in combat. (195 XP each.)

You found dwarven thrower craghammer +1 (Whurthal) wielded by the human blood rager, potion of healing, 40 gp. There are also several pages of notes detailing caravans attacked, manifests and captured prisoners, and additional ambush plans for the road running from Assembly to Lonecross, all written in a neat and precise Common. There is also another note, written in Primordial:

“Continue with your attacks, but keep the complex protected and hidden. Use only the gnolls for ambushes, they are expendable. Send the prisoners and materiel through the portal, anything else is yours to keep. Do not fail me.”

It is signed with an illegible symbol.

While you created an elaborate scene in the master bedroom and summoning room, there was a small matter of the entrance hall you neglected to take care of…

Current: 845 XP.

Auspicious Beginnings, Part 1

29th day of Jinar, 133rd Year of Assembly
(1067th Year of Nerath)
11th Hour
Strongbad Ruins, Outside Assembly

The bright, mid-morning sun heralds the return of the heat. Last evening you tracked as far into the night your eyes could manage, but the gnoll managed to elude your pursuit. You easily pick up his trail today, leading you to a hilly area a day’s ride out from Assembly.

Without a recent and clear trail to follow, there is no way you would have come across the entrance to the forgotten ruin, hidden deep within the hills. The narrow and partially collapsed tunnel leads deeper underground. A short walk down and light emerges from an ancient complex up ahead, the double doors slightly ajar. Hyena-like voices, along with hyena-like barking, emanate from beyond…

* * * * *

DM’s Notes: Session 1, June 28, 2010.

You defeated a firebrute (Level 2 Solo Brute), which crashed the gnoll ambush. That sent a gnoll hunter running back to base of operations. The firebrute seemed half-crazed, screaming and yelling in Primordial about the “pathfinder” and “path destined” and other barely intelligible nonsense. (125 XP each.)

Daxis, a lieutenant of an Assembly patrol, asked you to follow the fleeing gnoll and find their base, retrieve any prisoners (minor quest), and find out who is organizing the gnolls in their recent raids on caravans (minor quest). He asked you to report back to him in Assembly.

The entrance hall to the complex contained 2 hyena, 4 gnoll cutters, and a gnoll hunter, the same one that ran away from you yesterday. You were able to stop the gnolls from getting off an alarm or triggering the pit trap. You found 9 SP. (100 XP each.)

In the central hallway, a illusionary tapestry stands between two statues. The tapestry displays a subtly moving image of an ocean or other body of water. You discovered the statues pivot and can settle in one of eight directions, but something is missing to activate the tapestry.

You moved to the crypt and discovered that after entering, the crypt automatically locked itself from the inside, zombies emerging from the sarcophagus. 4 pack zombies and 2 tainted zombies attacked, and a skullborn zombie and a deathlock wight (Level 4 Controller) entered from another room. Before defeating all the undead however, the wight pushed you into the pool in the room which awakened a blue slime (Level 3 Solo Brute). After combat, you found 12 GP (2 GP from each sarcophagus), 46 GP in various coin and 2 amethyst (100 GP each) at the bottom of the pool, and a ritual scroll of comprehend language in the room that contains a badly damaged teleportation circle. (275 XP each.)

Current XP: 500.

Auspicious Beginnings

28th day of Jinar, 133rd Year of Assembly
(1067th Year of Nerath)
19th Hour

Even the early evening has not brought relief from the beating sun and the wind has been no help either. It is only a month into summer and already the heat has people yearning for the chill of winter. Sages and hedge wizards all predict even hotter temperatures and the doomsayers have taken up calling for the end of the world by fire.

Perhaps it is the heat stirring on activity, but for whatever reason, the bandits and monsters are particularly aggressive this year. Reports of gnoll attacks and orc raids filter through every village and even the more vigilant cities are watching the roads (and skies) more closely. Merchants and caravans, normally downright miserly with their gold, have spread it around freely to hire guards and adventurers to protect their goods. Many have not been seen again.

Your trip, however, has been extremely uneventful, the entertainment consisting of feeling sweat bead on your forehead and dripping into eyes or mouth. And now, just half a day’s ride outside of Assembly’s city gates, your prospects for action are quickly dwindling away.

As you adjust your weapon belt and armor straps for the thousandths time on this trip, you notice a cloud of dust in the distance. Riders, and by the banner they fly, soldiers from Assembly on patrol. The small copse of trees ahead marks the unofficial boundary of where the wilds end and the relative “safety” of Assembly’s territory begins.

You can be forgiven then for not noticing the ambush until a feathered shaft embeds itself into the wagon you were hired to protect. As the merchant—screaming expletives—dives for cover, you see five figures step their fur-covered hides reluctantly from the cover of the trees ahead. Gnolls, and they do not look too happy about the weather either, though all you hear is the yipping sound of their hyena-like laughter.

Weapons and implements fly from their sheaths as you move ahead of the wagon. The gnoll archer draws another arrow as the four others advance…


22nd of Jinar, 133rd Year of Assembly
(1067th Year of Nerath)
21st Hour

The last of you to arrive at the White Shark Inn in Lonecross is the first one buying a round of drinks. Even though the sun has not set, the common room is already filled with people looking to wash down the dirt from a dusty road or hard day’s labor.

You are departing tomorrow morning to Assembly, but tonight you can enjoy the company of fellow travelers and raise a glass that the Raven Queen has not claimed your soul today.

* * * * *

DM’s Notes:

Please use the comment section to make some introductions and whatnot here. The next post is the beginning of the first adventure.

Obsidian Portal does not easily allow 3 figure dates, so all the Adventure Log posts will be in the Nerathan Calendar years, instead of Year of Assembly reckoning. Top of the posts will list the in-game date (matched to the posting date).

Lonecross is just over 3 days ride (approximately 130 miles) from Assembly to the west. You will be traveling while guarding a wagon for the trip, moving at around 25 miles per day.

Overlook is approximately 10 days ride (400 miles) east of Lonecross by the road, and Ravenscar another 12 days ride (480 miles) beyond that. Steelhaven is around to 15 days (just under 600 miles) southeast of Lonecross, by road.


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